Welcome to Birdshome.nl
  We are Rona and Fred and our hobbies are watching birds, taking pictures of birds, visiting observation huts and walking trough nature. In 1996 we started making maps of observation huts. Back then there wasn’t a lot of information about this so we’ve spent a lot of time searching for observation huts. This is why we’ve started this site. We also added observation huts in Denmark to the site. Because of the many responses we got from visitors the site became what it is. We haven’t visited all observation huts or created maps for them so if you have any information about huts that we don’t have please let us know.

On birdshome.nl you will find a list of observation huts in the Netherlands and Denmark. The huts are sorted by province. Select the country and than click on the province. About each hut that we’ve visited we’ve extra information about how to get to the hut. Besides that there’s information about birds, birds in the garden, feeding birds and breeding houses. Also there are some pages with pictures we’ve made. If you want to use the pictures or maps from this website for commercial use or other websites, please contact us.

Note: From now on Birdshome is only accessible via www.birdshome.nl please make sure that you bookmarks / favourites link to this page.

At this moment we are busy translating the website to English. But not all pages are translated yet. If the page you are looking for isn't translated yet then come back later.

  We've just added some bird observation huts from Denmark. This is a great country to watch birds. The most interesting hut is at the information centre Vejlerne.